Focus on Residential and Commercial Assets:

The real estate business is regional; this means that each asset class requires expertise specific to a particular area. In the time spent in this sector we have found that there is a substantial demand for mid-income residential housing in the holy Places. We have been able to successfully capitalize on this demand over the last few months. This continued demand provides our Company with ample opportunity and potential for growth and development.

Our time spent in the NCR real estate sector has helped us understand the preferences of our customers allowing us to offer products that meet with their requirements. We believe in designing our projects with a flexible mix of products, phasing, layout and pricing – this allows us to address changing market scenarios with ease. Another key aspect to our business module is our belief that we can leverage our experience and expertise to deliver quality products at affordable prices, while retaining our profit margin. Our residential projects are designed in such a way that costs are carefully managed and quality is not compromised at any point. This ensures that our customers are guaranteed value for money while investing in a quality product. The majority of our on-going, and forthcoming, projects include modern amenities like gyms, open green spaces, clubhouses and swimming pools. These facilities are offered to ensure that the experience of living in a ARSS home is a holistic and contemporary one.

All our projects have been planned in close proximity to existing physical and social infrastructure in order to ensure ease of access to schools, hospitals, retail centers and other recreational avenues for our customers. Our commercial projects have been planned near existing and/or planned infrastructure like expressways, airports, high growth corridors or Central Business Districts. We intend to focus on the development of more commercial and retail projects on our land parcels in Jaipur and Mathura. Although our intention is to develop both residential and commercial real estate, the residential segment provides us with a sustainable cash flow allowing us to maintain our pace of expansion during difficult economic times.

Sharp Focus on Holy Places & the NCR

We recognise the fact that continuing to develop on our land reserves is essential for our growth strategy. However, we intend to acquire additional land across the NCR & in Holy places, in strategic locations, to aid our expansion plans. The real estate market is very attractive towards NCR & Holy Places on account of its favorable demographics, the presence of major international and domestic companies, in both the manufacturing and services sector, and large infrastructure projects and under-development social projects. Our knowledge of the NCR & Holy Places real estate market, our experience in executing large projects in the region, and our understanding of consumer preferences gives us a unique position of dominance in this sphere.

Financial Flexibility through Lower Leverage

Our track record when it comes to generating cash flow has enabled us to maintain an optimal degree of balance in our functioning. From the time of our Company’s inception, we have adopted a conservative approach toward financial leverage in order to maintain greater financial flexibility.

Delighting our Customers

Satisfaction is a fundamental element in enhancing customer loyalty and business opportunities. Over the last few years we have increased our business activities, scaled up our business processes and operations in a relatively short time-frame so as to ensure that our customer’s home buying experience is handled in a personalised manner. We have implemented a Customer Relationship Management system to optimize every facet of the customer’s journey with us, from Booking till Delivery.

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